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Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény 1

“Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény 1” is now available from Apple Books with full English audio.

It is also available as a paperback from Amazon. (commission link)

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Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény 1 (The English Hungarian Joke Book 1) is an excellent way for Hungarians to practise their English – and for foreigners who are trying to learn Hungarian. Great jokes like:

“I’ve read so many books about smoking and drinking that I’ve decided to give it up.”
“Smoking or drinking?”

Then on the following page you can read a translation

– Annyi könyvet olvastam már a dohányzásról és az ivásról, hogy elhatároztam, abbahagyom!
– Mit? A dohányzást, vagy az ivást?
– Az olvasást.

Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény Cartoons

There are lots of great cartoons in the book, all drawn by the award-winning Lithuanian cartoonist Ilja Bereznickas.

“I’ve lost my dog!”

“You should put an advertisement in the newspaper.”

“That’s crazy! He can’t read.”

Dog reading cartoon

– Elveszett a kutyám
– Akkor tegyél hirdetést az újságba
– Dehát ez butaság! Nem tud olvasni

Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény Quiz!

There is a quiz to test your level of English using jokes.

Fun English quiz

Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény – Audio!

Tim Shoesmith, an English entertainer, has recorded all of the jokes and there is an audio version of Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény  currently available via Apple Books. This means that you can hear the jokes while you read them which help you discover how the words are pronounced. For example: Joke about a boy with an arrow

Little boy: (in garden) Excuse me, Mrs Jones, can I have my arrow back, please?
Mrs Jones: Of course, Richard. Where is it?
Little boy: In the side of your cat.

garden: kert (We also give you vocabulary to help you)
arrow: nyíl
side: oldal

Kissfiú: (kertben) Elnézést Mrs Jones, visszakaphatom a nyilamat?
Mrs Jones: Persze, Richard! Hol van?
Kisfiú: A macskája oldalában.

Ready to buy Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény ? Which version do you need?

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad, iPhone or Mac computer with ibooks, you can enjoy Angol- Magyar Viccgyűjtemény as an audio version available on Apple Books

If you prefer to buy the book from AMAZON or SMASHWORDS, that is also possible.

There is also a paperback version available from Amazon.

And don’t forget the audio version available on Apple Books.

 When you’re trying to improve your skills in a foreign language, reading is one of the best ways – and reading jokes is probably the best of all.