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Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog 1

The book with full English audio is available from AppleBooks (iOS only).

Or as a paperback from Amazon. (Great present for your Danish friends). (commission link)

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Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog 1 (The English Danish Joke Book 1) is an excellent way for Danish people to practise their English – and for foreigners who are trying to learn Danish.

Great jokes like:

A primary school teacher was sitting on a bus. She was fairly sure that she recognised the man opposite her. “Excuse me,” she said, “but are you the father of one of my children?”

If you’re struggling, there is a translation on the following page.

En folkeskolelærer sad i bussen. Hun var næsten sikker på, at hun genkendte manden, der sad overfor hende.    “Undskyld mig”, sagde hun. “Er De far til et af mine børn?”

Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog Cartoons!

There are also cartoons drawn by the award-winning cartoonist, Ilja Bereznickas.

“I’ve read so many books about smoking and drinking that I’ve decided to give it up.”
“Smoking or drinking?”

Smoking or drinking cartoon
“Jeg har læst så mange bøger om at ryge og om at drikke, at jeg har besluttet at droppe det”.
“At ryge eller at drikke?”
“At læse”.

Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog Quiz!

There is a quiz to test your level of English using jokes.

Fun English quiz


Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog Audio!

Tim Shoesmith, an English entertainer, has recorded all of the jokes and this audio version of Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog is currently available via Apple Books. This means that you can hear the jokes while you read them which help you discover how the words are pronounced.

For example: Joke about a boy with an arrow
Little boy: (in garden) Excuse me, Mrs Jones, can I have my arrow back, please?
Mrs Jones: Of course, Richard. Where is it?
Little boy: In the side of your cat.

Lille dreng (i haven): Undskyld mig, fru Michelsen, men kan jeg få min pil tilbage?
Fru Michelsen: Selvølgelig Erik, hvor er den?
Lille dreng: I siden på Deres kat.

Ready to buy Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog? Which version do you need?

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad, iPhone or Mac computer with ibooks, you can enjoy Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog as an audio version available on Apple Books

If you prefer to buy the book from AMAZON or SMASHWORDS, that is also possible.

The book is now available as a paperback from Amazon.