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English Bulgarian Joke Book 2



Английско – Български Сборник От Анекдоти – 2 (English Bulgarian Joke Book 2) is a new collection of 100 jokes in easy English and is an excellent way for Bulgarian people to practise their English – or for foreigners who are trying to learn Bulgarian.

Great jokes like:

A woman was travelling on a bus with her baby when a man came up to her and said, “That is the ugliest baby I have ever seen.”

The woman was obviously very upset by this.

“What’s the matter?” asked the conductor.

“That man over there just upset me,” said the woman.

“Well don’t just sit there,” said the conductor. “Go over there and tell him what you think of him. I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

If you’re having problems, there’s a translation on the following page.

Жена с бебе пътувала в автобус. Мъж се приближил към нея и казал: “Това е най-грозното бебе, което някога съм виждал.”

Забележката очевидно разстройла жената.

“Какъв е проблема?” попитал контрольорът.

“Онзи мъж там, току що ме обиди ” казала жената.

“Ами, не стойте просто тук, а идете и му кажете какво мислите за него. Аз ще подържа вашата маймуна.”

Английско – Български Сборник От Анекдоти Cartoons!

There are also lots of cartoons drawn by the award-winning cartoonist, Ilja Bereznickas.

A fur coat looks more attractive on a beautiful animal than on an ugly woman.

fur coat cartoon


Кожено палто стои по-добре на красиво животно отколкото на грозна жена.

Английско – Български Сборник От Анекдоти Quiz!

There are three quizzes to test your level of English using jokes.

Easy English  Intermediate English  Advanced English

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