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Improve Your Czech With Jokes 1


Improve Your Czech With Jokes is an excellent tool for foreigners who are trying to learn Czech. It is not for complete beginners but you’ll be surprised how little Czech you need to understand the jokes.

Here is an example – and note the vocabulary support in blue at the bottom of the joke.

Chlapec: Miluješ mĕ?
Dívka: To víš, že tĕ miluji.
Chlapec: Jak dlouho mĕ budeš milovat?
Divka: Navždycky.
Chlapec: Co to znamená navždycky?
Dívka: Asi týden.

navždycky – forever

If you’re struggling, there’s a translation on the following page.
Boy: Do you love me?
Girl:Of course I love you.
Boy: How long will you love me for?
Girl: I will love you forever.
Boy: How long is forever?
Girl: About a week.


There’s a fun quiz to test your knowledge of Czech.

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There are lots of great cartoons in the book, all drawn by the award-winning cartoonist Ilja Bereznickas

Dog reading cartoon


In the version available at AppleBooks there is full Czech audio of the 100 jokes. The odd numbers read by Daša Kubíková and the even numbers by Jaroslav Kobylinský.

Here’s a sample from Daša. CZ05a

„Ztratila jsem psa!“
„Mĕla by sis dát inzerát do novin.“
„To nemá smysl. Stejnĕ neumí číst.“

And one from Jaroslav. CZ04

„Mami, tohle maso mi nechutná. Můžu ho dát našemu psovi?“
„Ne, miláčku, to je náš pes.“

Keyhole Culture

Also in the audio version, after every ten jokes there is a keyhole culture question based on the Czech Republic with the answer on the following page.

Czech keyhole culture

Czech keyhole culture answer

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The book is currently available…

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