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Learn Hebrew With Jokes 1

Learn Hebrew With Jokes is a great way for you to improve your Hebrew.

100 jokes. Around 3500 words of Hebrew. Vocabulary support. Great cartoons. 

The book with full Hebrew audio is available from AppleBooks (iOS only).

Or as a paperback from Amazon. (Great present for a fan of Hebrew) (commission link).

Scroll down to read more about Learn Hebrew With Jokes. 


  • You know a bit of Hebrew.
  • You want it to be better than it is.
  • You’re not a fan of heavy grammar books.
  • You have a good sense of humour.

Welcome to Learn Hebrew With Jokes 

In Learn Hebrew With Jokes there are 100 jokes in easy Hebrew. At the bottom of the page we give some vocabulary to help you understand the joke. If you’re really struggling, flick over to the next page and you can see an English translation. Serious literature it is not, but it is around 3500 words of Hebrew. Good reasons for reading jokes include:

  • they’re short. Perfect for reading on the train to work. 
  • they’re funny. You get rewarded with a laugh – or a groan – 100 times. 
  • the grammar is correct. You’ll see the same structures and vocabulary again and again, helping you acquire the language naturally. 

Ready to see it in action?

Can you understand this joke about a primary school teacher on a bus? There are a couple of words underneath the joke to help you. 

Hebrew Joke 12


If you’re having problems, there’s a translation on the following page.

A primary school teacher was sitting on a bus. She was fairly sure that she recognised the man opposite her. “Excuse me,” she said, “but are you the father of one of my children?”

Learn Hebrew With Jokes Cartoons!

Throughout the book there are also cartoons drawn by the award-winning cartoonist, Ilja Bereznickas – including this one about someone who has lost their dog..

Dog reading cartoon

“I’ve lost my dog!”
“You should put an advertisement in the newspaper.”
“That’s crazy! He can’t read.”

Learn Hebrew With Jokes: Audio!

 This means that you can hear the jokes while you read them which help you discover how the words are pronounced.

For example: Joke 1 in Hebrew

Ready to buy Learn Hebrew With Jokes? Which version do you need?

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad, iPhone or Mac computer you can enjoy Learn Hebrew With Jokes as an audio version available on Apple Books There is now a new version that does not rely on screenshots of the Hebrew text so looks great.

For a version without audio (for Kindle and other e.readers) Learn Hebrew With Jokes is currently available from Smashwords and Amazon.