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Lernu Esperanton per ŝercoj – 100 jokes in easy Esperanto

The book with full Esperanto audio is available from AppleBooks (iOS only).

Or as a paperback from Amazon. (Great present for a fan of Esperanto).

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There are an estimated two million speakers of Esperanto – not all squashed into one little country but spread around the world. Esperanto comes with none of the cultural or colonial baggage that many other languages have. It provides a level playing field for everyone who learns it. Now with the Internet it is amazingly easy – not only to learn Esperanto but to use it to chat to people all over the world. One great way to pick up new vocabulary and to consolidate structures that you’ve learnt is to read as much possible. You may not be ready to read Shakespeare or Dickens in Esperanto but Lernu Esperanton per ŝercoj is a great place to start.

Lernu Esperanton per ŝercoj contains 100 jokes in easy Esperanto and there is vocabulary support for the more difficult words.  For example:

Eta knabo (en ĝardeno): – Pardonu, sinjorino Jones. Ĉu mi povas rehavi mian sagon, bonvole?

Sinjorino Jones: – Certe, Rikardo. Kie ĝi troviĝas?

Eta knabo: – En la flanko de via kato.

sago – arrow

Lernu Esperanton per ŝercoj – Cartoons!

There are also some great cartoons created by the award-winning cartoonist Ilja Bereznickas from Lithuania.

– “Mi perdis mian hundon!”

– “Vi metu anoncon en la ĵurnalon.”

– “Kia frenezaĵo! Ĝi ne scipovas legi!

Dog reading cartoon

anonco – an advertisement

The book is designed so that vocabulary that you learn early on is recycled in later jokes. As you can see, the book is not for complete beginners but you just need a smattering of Esperanto to understand the jokes.

Lernu Esperanton per ŝercoj – Quiz

We’ve produced a fun quiz so that you can test your Esperanto based on the jokes in the book.

Lernu Esperanton per ŝercoj – Audio!

The new version of Lernu Esperanton per ŝercoj available from Apple Books has 100 audio files so you can listen to the joke while you read it – a great way to help you improve your Esperanto. Click on the file below and follow the joke in the text.Esperanto Joke.mp3

– “Kial elefantoj farbas ruĝaj siajn piedungojn?”

– “Mi ne scias.”

– “Por povi kaŝi sin en ĉerizarboj.”

– “Tio estas stulta.”

– “Ĉu vi iam vidis elefanton en ĉerizarbo?”

– “Ne.”

– “Ĉu vi vidas? Tio funkcias!”

farbi – to paint

ungoj – nails

The recordings are made by a variety of Esperanto speakers from around the world as this version is available for a special introductory price.

Lernu Esperanton per ŝercoj – Which version do I need?

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac you have the option of choosing the audio version.

If you prefer to buy the book from  SMASHWORDS or from Amazon , that is also possible.

The book is now available as a paperback from Amazon.