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Libri Komik Anglisht- Shqip 1 (English Albanian Joke Book 1)


Libri Komik Anglisht- Shqip – (The English Albanian Joke Book) is a collection of 100 jokes in easy English and is an excellent way for Albanian speakers to practise their English – or for foreigners who are trying to learn Albanian.

Great jokes like:

A man of eighty visited his doctor. “I’m going to be married next week, doctor.”
“Very good,” said the doctor. “How old is your lady friend?”
“Eighteen,” replied the man.
“My goodness!” said the doctor. “I should warn you that any activity in bed could be fatal.”
“Well,” said the man. “If she dies, she dies.”

to warn someone – te paralajmerosh dike
to be fatal – te jete fatale

If you’re having problems, there’s a translation on the following page.

Nje burre rreth te tetedhjetave, shkoi tek doktori per vizite. “Une do te martohem javen tjeter, doctor.”
“Shume mire,” tha doktori. “Sa vjec eshte Zonja ?”
“Tetembedhjete,” u pergjigj I moshuari.
“Zot I madh!” tha doktori. “Me duhet te te paralajmeroj qe cdo aktivitet ne shtrat mund te jete fatal.”
“Epo,” tha I moshuari. “Nese ajo vdes, vdes.”

Libri Komik Anglisht- Shqip Cartoons!

There are also cartoons drawn by the award-winning cartoonist, Ilja Bereznickas.

“I’ve lost my dog!”
“You should put an advertisement in the newspaper.”
“That’s crazy! He can’t read.”

Dog reading cartoon

“Kam humbur qenin!”
“Duhet nte vesh nje lajmerim ne gazete”
“Kjo eshte ide e cmendur! Ai s’di te lexoje”

Libri Komik Anglisht- Shqip Quiz!

There is a quiz to test your level of English using jokes.

Fun English quiz


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