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Hot or Not?

Got Some Great Jokes?

Some of you may remember ‘Hot or Not’, a website which allowed users to upload photos of themselves and then other people rated how attractive the people were. We at LLJB are planning something similar, but for jokes. Are your jokes hilarious or are they not funny at all? Why not put them to the test? The most popular joke each month wins a free copy of the LLJB jokebook of your choice.

So what do you need to do?

Think of the best jokes you know and send them to us at LLJB. As long as they aren’t racist or too dirty, we’ll publish them on the LLJB Showdown page. Lots of people will then vote on your joke and after one month, the one with the best average score will win a free LLJB joke book.

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Learning a Language?

Want to get some feedback on how you’re doing? You’ve come to the right place.

So what do you need to do?

Send a short audio clip of you telling a joke in a foreign language to us at LLJB. (You can choose one of your own jokes or one from our books). Send the clip together with a photo of yourself and we’ll upload it to our website. People can then listen to your joke and will vote on how well you speak the foreign language. You are free to upload one joke every four weeks so perhaps you can get a higher score each month.

Other people will upload jokes in different languages, perhaps your language. Please vote on their level so that they can make progress as well.