Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα 1 (The English Greek Joke Book 1)

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Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα (The English Greek Joke Book) is a great collection of jokes in easy English. With Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα you can have fun AND learn English. What could be more enjoyable? Scroll down to see more information about the book. 

Spread your love of language learning


Spread your love of language learning

Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα – The English Greek Joke Book is an excellent way for Greeks to practise their English – and for foreigners who are trying to learn Greek. Great jokes like:

A man of eighty visited his doctor.
“I’m going to be married next week, doctor.”
“Very good”, said the doctor. “How old is your lady friend?”
“Eighteen”, replied the man.
“My goodness!”, said the doctor. “I should warn you that any activity in bed could be fatal.”
“Well”, said the man. “If she dies, she dies.”

I’m going to – πρόκειται να (We give you some vocabulary to help you)
Μy goodness – Θεέ μου
to warn – προειδοποιώ
fatal – μοιραίος, θανατηφόρος

And on the following page, a translation.

Ένας άντρας ογδόντα ετών επισκέφτηκε τον γιατρό του.

“Πρόκειται να παντρευτώ την επόμενη εβδομάδα, γιατρέ.”

“Πολύ καλά”, είπε ο γιατρός. “Πόσων ετών είναι η φίλη σου;”

“Δεκαοχτώ”, απάντησε ο άντρας.

“Θεέ μου!”, είπε ο γιατρός. “Θα πρέπει να σε προειδοποιήσω ότι οποιαδήποτε δραστηριότητα στο κρεβάτι θα μπορούσε να αποβεί μοιραία.”

“Ε”, είπε ο άντρας. “Αν πεθάνει, πέθανε.”

Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα Cartoons

There are lots of great cartoons in the book, all drawn by the award-winning Lithuanian cartoonist Ilja Bereznickas.

“I’ve lost my dog!”

“You should put an advertisement in the newspaper.”

“That’s crazy! He can’t read.”

dog joke cartoon

advertisement – αγγελία

“Έχασα τον σκύλο μου! ”
“Θα έπρεπε να βάλεις μια αγγελία στην εφημερίδα.”
“Αυτό είναι τρελό! Δεν ξέρει να διαβάζει. ”

Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα Quiz!

There are quizzes to test your level of English using jokes.

Easy English  Intermediate English  Advanced English

Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα – Audio!

Tim Shoesmith, an English entertainer, has recorded all of the jokes and there is an audio version of Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα  currently available via Apple Books. This means that you can hear the jokes while you read them which help you discover how the words are pronounced. For example:

Little boy: (in garden) Excuse me, Mrs Jones, can I have my arrow back, please?

Mrs Jones: Of course, Richard. Where is it?

Little boy: In the side of your cat.

have back – παίρνω πίσω
arrow – βέλος
side – πλευρό


To αγοράκι (στον κήπο): “Με συγχωρείτε, κυρία Τζόουνς, μπορώ να πάρω πίσω το βέλος μου, παρακαλώ;”
Η κυρία Τζόουνς: “Φυσικά, Ρίτσαρντ. Πού είναι;”
Το αγοράκι: “Στο πλευρό της γάτας σας.”

Ready to buy Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα? Which version do you need?

Thousands of people have bought Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα which is available in a variety of formats but you need to choose the correct version for your device. (Don’t worry if you get it wrong, contact us and we’ll send you the correct version).

The easiest way is to download the pdf version available at the top of this page.

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If you have a Kindle then you will need the MOBI version.

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad, iPhone or Mac computer with ibooks, you can enjoy Μάθετε Αγγλικά με Ανέκδοτα as an audio version available on Apple Books

Also please contact us if you’re not sure which version you need and we’ll be happy to advise you.

If you are a teacher or school, please contact us for very special rates for class licences of the book.

If you prefer to buy the book from AMAZON or SMASHWORDS, that is also possible.

And don’t forget the audio version available on Apple Books.

 When you’re trying to improve your skills in a foreign language, reading is one of the best ways – and reading jokes is probably the best of all.


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