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Learn Russian With Jokes 1

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Learn Russian With Jokes is a collection of 100 jokes in easy Russian. In the iBook version (see below) there are audio files for every joke so you can not only read them, you can listen to them as well. The book is not for complete beginners of Russian but give it a try – you might be pleasantly surprised by how much you know. Scroll down to find out more about the book. 



A lot of people want to learn Russian. Are you one of them? Have you tried Learn-Russian-in-a-week CD ROMS, boring grammar courses, mind-numbing self study courses? Are you looking for something that is a joy to use? Something that will entertain you while you learn? Learn Russian without even realising it? A great way to impress your Russian-speaking friends? Look no further. Learn Russian With Jokes – an excellent way for English speakers to practise their Russian. 

It only takes a minute to download the book so very soon you can be reading great jokes like:

“Мама, я могу носить бюстгальтер теперь, когда мне шестнадцать лет?”

“Нет, Дэвид”.

бюстгальтер – a bra

If your Russian is not great, there’s a translation on the following page. 

“Mummy, can I wear a bra now that I’m sixteen?”

“No, David.”

Learn Russian With Jokes – Cartoons!

There are also great cartoons drawn by the award-winning cartoonist, Ilja Bereznickas.

«Я потерял свою собаку!»

«Разместите объявление в газете».

«Вы с ума сошли? Моя собака не умеет читать!»

объявление, реклама – advertisement


Learn Russian With Jokes – Audio!

There is now an audio version of Learn Russian With Jokes available on Apple Books. There are two Russians speakers who recorded the material. This is Aigel – with lovely, clear and slow Russian. She recorded all the even-numbered jokes.  

Учительница начальной школы ехала в автобусе. Она была почти уверена, что узнала человека напротив.

– Простите,- сказала она, – но Вы случайно не отец одного из моих детей?

The second speaker is Michael, a lively speaker who speaks faster than Aigel but still clearly. Michael recorded all the odd-numbered jokes. 

«Я потерял свою собаку!»

«Разместите объявление в газете».

«Вы с ума сошли? Моя собака не умеет читать!»

Reading and listening at the same time is a great way to expose yourself to around 3500 words of Russian. A great way to improve your knowledge of the language. 

Ready to check out Learn Russian With Jokes? Which version do you need?

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Download the MOBI version directly from the site. Download the EPUB version directly from the site. Download the PDF version directly from the site.


Don’t forget, when you’re trying to improve your skills in a foreign language, reading is one of the best ways – and reading jokes is probably the best of all.