Meet our dedicated

The LLJB Team

Nittaya Yonsamang

Translator of Thai Joke Book

I love to go running in the mountains with my husband and my friends in my free time. Sometimes I like to go out with my friends and enjoy talking and talking. Translating this book was quite fun for me because some jokes were difficult to translate into Thai. Headmasters are usually respected in Thailand and we really love our royal family so no jokes about them! I just changed some jokes to make it work and added a couple of funny stories I knew (like the one about the crocodile). I hope you enjoy the book!

Deepika Mahendra

Freelance writer

I have been a freelance writer, programmer and voice actor for many years. Working on the English Hindi Joke book was fun. Writing has always been my passion but it had been critical essays most of the time…this book made me experience the fun way of playing with words.

Finta Dorota

Hungarian Translator

I now live in France. I finished Translation and Interpreting in 2014 at the University of Miskolc. My mother is Slovak while my dad is Hungarian. I lived most of my life in Hungary with Slovak as a second language. In addition, I speak English and German. I am 25 years old and married. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, riding my bike in the woods, hiking and travelling.

Meritxell Escudé

Catalan Translator

Having a background in English and Law has ensured that I have always been asked to translate all kinds of boring stuff. All these translations were privately done to help others and my name was never on any of them so I jumped at the chance to do something different. I had a lot of fun reading the jokes, and trying to keep the punchline a surprise for the reader or the listener was a challenge. Also, I needed to figure out which jokes worked in Catalan as well as in English and which ones needed adapting. I learnt and I enjoyed myself, what more could I ask for?

Florence Morin

French speaker for Audio version

During my spare time, I enjoy hiking in the mountains, snorkeling in the lagoon, preparing delightful dishes while listening to BBC Radio 4 and also reading. I did just few translations and mostly corrected some of the jokes. Ah French grammar is not that easy! I enjoyed recording them it was fun to do and interesting to discover that humour can be a universal language. So just read this book and have fun in learning a foreign language!

Ilja Bereznickas


Ilja is an award-winning Lithuanian cartoonist. In the photo he is being presented with a medal from the Lithuanian President. He lives in Lithuania but has worked around the world. For information about Ilja in Lithuanian, click here. For more information in English, click here.

Alice Darville

Translator of the Danish Joke Book

I have been working in the public school system in Denmark for 17 years. During the last eight years I have also worked as a teacher trainer making courses about pædagogik and didaktik in math lessons and classroom management. I also work as a writer and I have written different teaching materials: Cirkus Total, Godtfreds Dyrehandel, Format, På sporet af ordet etc. You can visit my webpage if you would like to see more. The Danish Joke Book is a good way to “play” with the English language. Have fun!